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Core Veneer

Core Veneer

Veneer Core Plywood or Veneer Core is a versatile product that can combine attractive surface appearance with superior performance while retaining comparatively high strength to weight ratios. It was developed to provide panels with dimensional stability and good strength both along and across the panel.

Core Veneer is defined as plywood in which all the plies are made of veneer orientated with their plane parallel to the surface of the panel. In veneer plywood the direction of the grain in adjacent plies is normally at right angles, with the outer and inner plies placed symmetrically on each side of a central ply or core. Standard plywood veneer is produced using a lathe, which peels a log in a similar manner to a blade pencil sharpener. Synthetic resin adhesives is applied to the veneer and they are assembled with the grain of each 90 degree to the adjacent veneer.

Core Veneer


Core Veneer


Core Veneer


Core Veneer


Eucalyptus Core Veneer Manufacturing

IIG is being Importing and Exporting from Asian Countries and are one of the biggest veneer and other wood product suppliers. We supply Eucalyptus, Acacia, Rubber and Gurjan Core Veneer styrax or kerning which are used to manufacture Plywood.

Advantages of Imported core veneer

  • Width Imported veneers are in a width of 25''. Whereas locally sourced veneers varies by 2'' to 3'' width.

  • Smooth Imported veneer are very smooth compared to locally sourced veneers

  • Assembly As there is 100% wider veneer in imported veneer category it is easy to assemble

  • Joints Less number of joints gives manufacturer sheets with negligible number of overlaps and gaps. Similarly quality of finished product improves

  • Density Density of imported veneer is higher compared to locally sourced veneers which increases the density of finished product in turn manufacturer can prove the quality in the market

  • Thickness Importer will get exact thickness ordered.locally sourced veneer varies in thickness by 0.2mm to 0.3 mm. So the imported veneers are benefiting by 10% to 15%.


  • Full sheet

  • Smooth

  • Exact Thickness

  • Exact Measurement

  • Sun Dried

Specification Of Core Veneer

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will satisfy you by supplying best veneer along with the best prices.

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